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Includes all the items needed for the GVP-Series powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) systems. The list includes all parts of the PAPR assembly, waist belts, shoulder straps, shower cover and breathing tubes.
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3M GVP-127 Web Belt For GVP-1 PAPR 3M GVP-146 Spark Arrest Cover 3M GVP-117 Urethane Waist Belt
3M GVP-122 Breathing Tube 3M GVP-123 Breathing Tube Full Face Piece 3M GVP-119 Shower Cover (5 Pack)
3M GVP-122 Breathing Tube
Our Price: $46.34
3M Cb-1000 Comfort Belt Adjustable For GVP 3M H-410-10 Hood, With Collar Tyvek Qc (10 Pack) 3M H-420-10 Hood, With Inner Shroud 10/Cs
3M GVP-111 Battery Pack 3M GVP-200 Paper System Improved Battery Convert Gvp To Nim
3M GVP-111 Battery Pack
Our Price: $299.08