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LANE CHANGER maximizes load quantities per truck using a
superior stack height design. With a truckload of LANE CHANGER
Traffic Drums you’ll get more drums on the job site in fewer trips.

B500LC Top Only 8000
B500LC 4-4”EG 8002
B500LC 4-4” HI 8019
B500LC 4-6” HI 8020
B500LC 4-6” HIP 8032
B500LC 4-6” DG 8045
25 Lb. Rubber Base 2389
35 Lb. Rubber Base 2442
40 Lb. Rubber Base 2434
Plastic Base 2307
Tire Ring Base 5650

• Rounded Ergonomic Handle for easy access with a comfortable grip
• Multiple-Base Compatibility fits most bases in your inventory - Call to Order*
• Recessed Reflective Band Tiers for long-lasting protection of sheeting
• Four 5” Wide Anti-Rotation Claws will keep drums facing traffic
• Built-In Sheeting Edge Protector guards against wear during stacking
• Five-Tier Design for better visibility in heavy traffic
• Built-in 10” Wide Anti-Roll Bottom resists roll after impact
• Double Light Mounts on handle for added convenience
• Domed Top sheds debris and water
• Ribbed Bottom Lip for easy base attachment
• Two-Piece Top & Base Design allows dragging without base & drum separation
• Two-Piece Breakaway Feature allows controlled separation on impact
• UV Stabilized Bright Orange Polyethylene protects from sun damage